Pelatihan Jangka Pendek Metodologi Pendidikan Untuk GPAI di Universitas Oxport Inggris

The development of religious education has a very strong foundation and guaranteed by the Indonesian Constitution such as the National Education Act No. 20 of 2005, in which all students in school have the right to study religion. The main focus of the Islamic educational program is to improve the quality of Islamic religious teachers, school supervisor personnel’s and provide them with support and facilities that can be use to improve the quality of Islamic teaching Program in all Public school in Indonesia.

The purpose of the Islamic Educational program is to increase quality of Religious teacher by increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in classrooms by improving their teaching skill through Teacher training and one of the Important of Overseas short–term training in Teaching Methodology is to guarantee the quality of educational system of Religious teaching Program with their special characteristic and improve the competency of Islamic Education teacher in teaching methodology. The main objectives of the ToT for National Trainers on Teaching Methodology of Islamic Religious Education is to improve Islamic Education teacher competency on teaching methodology of “Religious and Character Education” subject in the 2013 curriculum which is not only teaching religion, but also character, respect, tolerance, and democracy, with additional two teaching hours per week.

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TOT for GPAI in Teaching Methodology

Sumber : Dit PAI Kemenag RI


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